3 Down News – New CFL iPhone App Now Available in App Store

July 1, 2010
Ottawa, Ontario

New to the App Store, 3 Down News is the only App available that provides CFL fans with tailored, constantly updated news from the top traditional and new media sources from across Canada.

3 Down News provides up to the minute news for each team, with sources including newspapers, blogs, YouTube, Flickr, as well as in-app streaming audio for game day listening.

3 Down News is now available for $0.99 in the App Store.

For more details, screenshots, blog and twitter feeds visit:

Direct iTunes link:

For more information please contact Ken Edwards at ken@kje.ca

3 Down News – Submitted

When we upgraded from our 1GHz Titanium PowerBook to a MacBook Pro, I was finally able to dive into iOS App development. After a couple weeks of playing around, I’ve managed to piece together 3 Down News, and got it submitted to Apple for approval last night.

Along the way I’ve come across a bunch of tools that have been a great help, here’s the list:

  • TapLynx: This is where it all started. TapLynx is a framework you can base your program on to get your own app into the App Store without writing one line of code – although you can if you want to (I did!). There are a bunch of very helpful posts and nice people in the TapLynx Google Group.
  • Dropbox: Back it up!!!
  • Cocoa with Love: Matt Gallagher’s blog has a nice example of how to get streaming audio working in an App.
  • Inkscape: Created the 3 Down Logo with this great open source program
  • Gimp: Images, screenshots, logos, artwork, all made pixel perfect with The Gimp
  • Glyphish: Joseph Wain has created some free icons you too can use in your iOS App.
  • iPhone-Simulator Cropper: Create screenshots of your App, in the format needed for submission to Apple, from iPhone Simulator.
  • SimFinger: A great Mac OS X program that will help you create an environment to record a great demo video.
  • Jing: I used Jing to record some demo videos to send around to friends
  • Apple’s Dev Site: This is obvious, but I think it’s important to say. There are a couple reasons the App Store is huge – of course amazing hardware is one, but the development environment, tools, APIs, and documentation that Apple has put together is simply amazing.

I hope this will not be my last post regarding my iOS adventures!

New York Times and LinkedIn

There is a lot of interesting talk these days surrounding the New York Times’ intention of setting up a paywall, which has me paying attention to how the old-school thinking of the print media is (or isn’t) changing as the web moves on without them. As I was reading my morning news today, I noticed a little box with aerospace related stories on the side of the page. Hey! I work in aerospace, how neat. Wait a minute, there’s this little LinkedIn logo there too, neat… and disturbing, I’m guessing this is connected somehow.

LinkedIn Driven Content

LinkedIn Driven Content

So after a little more reading, I dug into the part of the privacy policy that deals with this implementation.

NYTimes.com has an arrangement with LinkedIn, a third party, in which we may use LinkedIn profile information to provide LinkedIn users with customized advertising and a short list of customized headlines when they read Business or Technology articles on NYTimes.com. By way of example, a LinkedIn user on NYTimes.com might see a box highlighting headlines about the energy business if the industry selected in his or her LinkedIn profile is “Energy sector”. This is facilitated by sharing a cookie that contains non-personally identifiable information such as Industry and Job Function from that userís LinkedIn profile and matching that with relevant headlines.
We do not share any personally identifiable information with LinkedIn.

So it’s a shared cookie, and my LinkedIn data is not supposed to be sent from LinkedIn to the NYT.

Although this is nothing new, it’s the first time I’ve seen it. †I think it’s an interesting use of my personal information to serve me content, and ads, that will interest me, while still not sharing my personal information across sites without my consent. As long as my data stays in one place, if this will help the NYT to pay the bills so I can keep reading for free, then I’m cool with that.

beyond the whiteboard

I’ve signed up at beyond the whiteboard a CrossFit workout log website today. The main draw for me to this site is the graphing capabilities that they seem to have. I’ve only entered one workout so far, but I’m going to try to go back as far as possible for the data that I have written down and I’ll see how well the visualization of my fittening goes.

The site is in beta, which was evident when I tried to sign up. I got a Rails application error about the app not starting up the first time I tried to register. I fixed that by doing it over again and everything worked fine the second time.

One of the systems they seem to be using is Fusion Charts to produce their graphs. As I pick up more and more on data visualization, I’m very interested to learn of these new tools.